Anyone interested in birdwatching, nature, or the quality of the environment is welcome to become a member of the Dubuque Audubon Society.

Our tri-state region is a great place for birds, and one of the great things about birds is that you can enjoy them at all levels of involvement.  You may be surprised how many different species we have in the area at different times of year and how quickly you can begin to identify many of them once you start looking.  (Binoculars help!)  Any time of year is a great time to be a birder, and we hope you’ll join us!

Our Mission

The mission of the Dubuque Audubon Society is to provide educational opportunities to the people of the tri-state area and to preserve the natural habitat of birds and other wildlife.

Calendar of Events

We hold monthly meetings from September through May, with programs on a variety of topics related to nature and the environment.

We also hold an annual Christmas bird count, an annual Duck Waddle trip to Green Island, and an annual spring species count, and we offer additional field trips throughout the year.  

You can tailor your birding to your interest and activity level, and all levels of experience are welcome.

Latest Newsletter

June 2024

Recent Posts


Our annual spring species count, held on Saturday, May 11, 2024, was a great success! Despite virtually no shorebirds and only one owl species, we were able to locate 145 individual species!
Basin Cleanup


On Sunday, April 21, 2024, 13 members of the Dubuque Audubon Society and volunteers from the public worked for over two hours to remove 28 bags of garbage from the 16th Street Retention Basin.
"Look for these Birds" sign


With permission from the city of Dubuque, the Dubuque Audubon Society has created and installed educational signage at Technology Park to share information on birds that nest in those fields.


On Sunday, April 14, 2024, Dubuque Audubon volunteers planted 16 Eastern White Pines and 20 Chokecherry trees at Mines of Spain State Recreation Area. 
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eBird isn’t just a way for you to keep track of the birds you see; it’s a great resource for finding birds you’ve never seen.

Try out the links below to explore Dubuque County in eBird.

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