"Look for these Birds" sign

Installation of Signs at Technology Park

With permission from the city of Dubuque, the Dubuque Audubon Society has created and installed educational signage at Technology Park for the community’s enjoyment and to share information regarding the migrating grassland birds┬áthat nest in those fields. The signs also attempt to encourage people to not walk or run their dogs through the tall grasses, as that would disturb these nesting birds. Species such as Eastern Meadowlark, Bobolink, Grasshopper Sparrow, and Dickcissel are among the birds that nest there regularly beginning in late April and through August.

We invite the public to enjoy learning about these birds by using the QR code provided on the signs to explore the Grassland Birds at Technology Park page on our website, which includes location information. While visiting, enjoy the city’s approximately 1 mile Granger Creek Nature Trail.

We would like to thank Iowa Audubon and the LaVonne and Dale Foote Memorial Fund for awarding us a grant to cover the cost of the signs.