Event Submissions from Outside Groups?

For Discussion Sometime:  What do you think about the idea of making our website a go-to place for finding bird-related (or nature-related) events in our area by listing events from outside groups?  We used to post outside events in our newsletter, and I don’t know about on the website.  Maybe we stopped when the newsletter frequency was reduced, or maybe it was problematic.  The website option might work out differently from a newsletter.

If listing outside events seems like a good idea:  Will other groups want to participate?  Will we get too many listings?  Do we need to limit the scope of events we’d include up front, or wait and see?

I would only want to attempt this idea with a structured approach, since keeping track of a bunch of emails seems inconvenient and error-prone.  So to illustrate how it might work, I created a sample form.  If we decide this whole thing is a bad idea, that’s fine; either way I thought it would be helpful to have something visual to consider.

Below are buttons to show how the process could work.  They open pages in new tabs.

The event submission form page would not be accessible through the site where anyone could find it, but we would share a link with those we invite to use it.

Here is how the EVENTS page might look after including outside events.