Home Page Slide Show of Tri-State Area Birds

Shown below are some potential photos for upcoming seasons.  

For those interested:  Please let me know if you see any mistakes in the captions (species and photo credit) or if you have any feedback.  Currently pictures are separated into 4 seasons based on date taken (Dec-Feb, Mar-May, Jun-Aug, Sep-Nov), although for this winter I pulled a spring and fall photo because we needed photos.  Maybe the date taken isn’t that critical if the timing for the bird is right, but I used it as a starting point to organize the photos.  

For Discussion Sometime:  Do others want to be involved in selecting photos?  How many should we include at a time (min and max)?  How often should photos change?  Should photos be different every year?  Any thoughts on the order (random vs. organized)?  Should we add more information to some of the captions, like location (park or city/town) or male vs. female (for birds like Bobolink and Red-winged Blackbird)?  Do photographers want more say in cropping and making color adjustments?  I’ve tried to keep changes minimal and reasonable, and I’d want to hear if anyone has concerns.  Should we seek photos from outside the DAS board at some point?  Until we get a chance to discuss, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and will plan on picking 10-12 spring photos for each of the next 3 months, swapping at the start of each month.

To Submit Photos:  Please upload your photos to our Shared Photo Submission Google Drive Folder using files names that include species name with your initials at the end, such as NorthernShoveler_ML.jpg.  Anyone with that link can access the folder, so please do not share it.  If you upload photos, please send me an email so that I’ll look for them.  Lastly, if you want to leave the cropping to me, then upload files without much cropping, so that I can go either 4:3 for the slide show or square for other uses.  (Some submitted photos are excluded below because they couldn’t be cropped to the needed size, such as if they were already cropped tightly in a portrait orientation.)

I’d like to get most photos lined up for upcoming year or at least the next 3 months for spring birds, since it’s most efficient to do the work in batches (selecting, cropping, compressing, renaming if needed, adding captions, etc.).  But I’m glad to get new photos any time you take them.  I’ve added one or two new photos at random a couple times so far, which seems like a good thing to keep the home page changing.

More Ideas:  If anyone is interested in investing the time, we could feature a bird of the month, with multiple photos and some information.  The bird of the month could be on the home page, but we could have a page for past birds too.

The following are not proposed slide shows.  They are just a means of showing photos to choose from.
So the fact that there is a high percentage of photos that are mine shown below doesn’t mean that I’m intending to post them with that percentage.  I’m just uploading some options.  Repeat species can provide options for future years. 

Winter (13 photos)

Spring (43 photos)

How about adding some locally-photographed warblers?  I have a bunch, but they’re more the decent-but-not-quite-in-focus variety, rather than the super-sharp-gleam-in-the-eye variety.

Summer (25 photos)

Fall (11 photos)